Dante’s Pizzeria (3028 W. Armitage Ave.) is straightforward, dare I say “New York-ish style,” thin crust pizza (by the slice) at its best.  The crust is both crispy and a touch doughy, yet so very very thin.  There’s just the right ratio of sauce and cheese.  The home made red sauce is a little zesty, just a tad sweet and packs a unique herbaceous kick that works in ways other joints fall short.


They feature a full menu with killer pies featuring some extremely unique combinations of toppings.  They also offer some excellent sandwiches expertly made with some of the best Italian-esque ingredients found at any pizza shack in Chicago  .A few apps and who could be happier.  But you absolutely cannot miss the pizza.  Get a slice, you’ll see.  Just pepperoni?  This is some awesome pepperoni.  Super rich and smoky, and sliced extra large = more piggy surface area.


As with other places, Dante’s uses quality ingredients, especially when it comes to their toppings.  But Dante’s also slices their toppings and lays them meticulously on top of your slice.  When it comes out of the oven, your individual triangle looks like a fresh baked part of a whole pie…yum-o.


The space is sparse, and that’s fine by me.  Fewer than ten tables including a couple high tops provide some seats, but I prefer stepping outside onto Armitage to enjoy my slice curbside.  It’s absolutely a “fold n eat” type of slice, and they do come out PIPING HOT from the oven, so careful with the first couple bites.  I know, it’s hard to wait, just blow a lil.


Don’t forget to tell ’em Hungry Hungry sent ya!

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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