Leghorn (959 N. Western Ave.), named after the heritage breed of chicken that first came to the US in the 19th century, proudly boasts some of the most straight forward, naturally raised, and socially conscious product in town – both their food and their mission.
The menu is simple but fantastic.  Essentially, they serve chicken sandwiches along with a few other chicken offerings such as fingers, or a grilled chicken bowl.  Additionally, they feature three specials each served on a different day of the week – Chicken Fried French Fries, Chicken Skin, and Chicken Nuggets.
To craft your own chicken sammy you need only follow a few easy steps.  First, choose your cut – thigh or breast.  Then select the style – I opted for the Nashville Hot while my bud ordered the pickled brined variety.  Lastly, you may enjoy your sandwich on a house made roll or a buttery biscuit.  Love it.
The chicken was extremely juicy and the breading was crispy and well seasoned.  The Nashville Hot was absolutely hot but also had a delicious tangy sweetness that I enjoyed.  The bun was soft and clearly home made. You can add ingredients such as lettuce, tomato and a number of sauces for $.25 each.  I added lettuce and their Japanese style Kewpie mayonnaise.  Both excellent additions for any chicken sandwich.
For a little over six bucks this is without a doubt one of the best lunch poultry options in our fair city. I ordered a thigh, Nashville Hot on a roll – great choice.  We also ordered a fresh made biscuit served with a killer caramel blue cheese butter – who da thunk these two would work so well together – they do.
We also split an order of their Chicken Fried French Fries.  Excellent fries, but I didn’t see how they differed from their regular order of spuds.  They were topped with a generous dusting of herbaceous nori – dried seaweed.  A smart and tasty addition to your traditional order of fries.
I give Leghorn one of my highest recommendations.  If you want to avoid the famously long lines on weekends, hit this spot at an off hour.

Don’t forget to tell ’em Hungry Hungry sent ya.

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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