Ever since Jam opened its front doors literally seconds from our back steps in Logan Square, we have cherished their breakfast and lunch fare.  They had a short stint at dinner service but in a wise and I’m sure difficult move, they went back to strictly breakfast and lunch. Smart, guys.


Jam is unique.  Different from “hipster” brunch spots – you know those of which I speak.  Jam has more of a modern linear and clean ambiance from the moment you spot its quaint entrance off frontage Logan Boulevard.  Hanging strands of thread provide a partition from the main dining space, counter included, and the “sun room” up front where you can enjoy your eggs and “baky” in glorious sunshine…if you can get one of those cherished four tables.
Jam starts every diners experience with an amuse bouche.  Come on kiddies, what other diner serves an amuse bouche.  Really, what restaurant other than the few elite in the city of Chicago serves an amuse?…not many.  A light orange butter cookie with a dollop of cream frosting got our mouths ready for the experience.
Breakfast.  Jam mixes up the traditional Eggs Benedict.  They’ve been through more than one incarnation of the classic dish, and the display of colors, flavors and textures that were featured on our visit was one of the best I’ve come across in my journeys.
The dish begins with a generous schmear of creamy, herbaceous spinach hollandaise.  The vibrant green flair across the plate serves as a perfect base to the dish atop.  The two slices of English Muffin are some of the best anywhere.  Light and fluffy.  Toasted to an even golden brown across the entire top ensure every bite will have a crispy crunch.  The eggs are perfectly slow poached topped with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.  The egg itself looks as though it would burst if a fly were to land atop it.
The protein is a brown sugar bacon sausage…are you kidding me?  They were sweet and savory.  Rich and peppery.  So much flavor – smooth and delicate in texture.  Fantastic, and I felt a better option than their pork belly Benedict I’d tried on previous visits.  Pomegranate seeds, hazelnuts and a light salad finish the dish.  Well rounded, full of different nooks and crannies to play in.  Highly recommended to say the least.
Lunch.  The Jam Burger features two fresh ground beef patties cooked to a perfect medium, still housing some gorgeous pink meat oozing with juices.  The patties are gently placed atop a perfect soft buttery bun, topped with mild and creamy butterkase cheese, a perfectly fried egg that fits the sandwich just right, and finally some smoked tomato jam.
The burger is fantastic.  It’s easy to appreciate the double patty vs. the single larger option – especially when the two patties are cooked appropriately themselves and seasoned to a T.  Clearly cooked on a flat top, the crust developed around the patty sealed in all the rich juices from the griddle.  The jam is smoky alongside the subtle elegant slices of butterkase.  Overall, this is an awesome burger.  It is twelve dollars and comes with a thicker cut pile of french fries that too are cooked to a crispy golden brown.  House made ketchup is served alongside the dish but is barely needed.
Dessert. No trip to Jam is complete without a sweet treat of course.  On this venture, my buddy and I opted for the Maple Pancakes.  Topped with a fragrant, light and creamy Meyer Lemon custard, the single cake is plenty for two.  If you like creme brulee, you’ll have to get this by the way; the dish is finished with an Indian Sugar brulee.  It’s like eating only the caramelized sugar part of a creme brulee – our dreams have come true!
Every item on Jam’s breakfast and lunch menu is a sure bet.  I know that Sandwich King on Food Network recently filmed there and that’s only an affirmation that they serve some of the best “meat between bread” in the city of Chicago.  Two meal periods.  One menu.

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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