Everyone has pre baseball game traditions.  Whether you go to Maxwell Street and get a polish or peanuts from the same hawker outside of Wrigley, food is a focus both during AND before a game.  During recent seasons, we have instituted a new tradition for Sox games – Ricobene’s (252 W. 26th St.) Breaded Steak Sandwich.
You start with a monstrosity of a skirt steak.  Quite literally the size of a medium sized pizza, the steak is tenderized and breaded with their signature light Italian breading.  The meat is folded over at least four times and stuffed into a Turano roll.
Part of the experience is how they drench it in their home made red sauce, bread and all.  It’s kind of like their version of a “double-dipped” Italian beef.  You have the option of adding cheese or peppers.  I prefer mozzarella and their spicy giardinara to sweet peps – but you can always choose both.
You can easily satisfy two HUNGRY guys with a king sized sandwich, maybe even a third who isn’t as hungry.  It’s a messy, sloppy but extremely delicious experience, and you will never forget your first Ricobene’s Breaded Steak Sandy.
It’s one of those unusual places where, though it’s called a pizzeria, their best item is far from that.  Go for the sandwich and be sure to pack plenty of Tums.  Cheers to breaded steak!

I’m’ hungry.  Let’s eat!


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