Another Rockit Group creation, Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ (441 N. Clark St.) crafts just about everything on their menu, be it meat or “pasta” in this case .  They take the extra time to do their barbecue justice.  They source from excellent meat purveyors, butcher onsite, and develop complex, layered and in your face flavors in all their dishes I’ve tasted.


Their pimento cheese spread, served with crispy flat bread style chips, features large chunks of pepper and a smooth creamy texture.  Excellent flavor, this mason jar housed spread is a fantastic way to get the meal started.


You absolutely cannot go wrong ordering their Rib & Rib combo.  A hearty half slab of baby back ribs along side a mammoth side of spare ribs.  Both generously covered in their signature dry rub and smoked to perfection.


The baby backs were meaty and had a nice bite.  The meat DIDN’T fall right off the bone, but it came away with ease.  THIS is what you want in a rib – super tender with some nice integrity.  The spare ribs (pictured above) were equally tasty.  A bit more meaty if you will, no gristle, and overall some of the better St. Louis style Ribs I’ve enjoyed.


The four sauces they offer provide a nice array of flavors to accompany your ribs.  I preferred the spicy mustard based sauce while Jill went towards the sweeter original flavor.  the Asian and Spicy were unique and different from the norm. All four absolutely delicious.


Home made mac and cheese is a must eat here.  For thirteen bucks you’d hope to receive one of the best mac n cheeses money can buy – and this my friend is just the case.  Fresh pasta made daily in house, a beautiful sharp and creamy blend of cheese along with spot on execution are the simple recipe to its success on the menu.  Get it.


I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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