Reno (2607 N. Milwaukee Ave.) is the most recent endeavor by the crew that brought you the Telegraph right next door.  Logan Square has its share of breakfast lunch spots the likes of Lula and Jam, but Reno sets itself apart with its wood burning oven that crafts everything from Montreal-ish style bagels to hand tossed pizza in the evening.
Enjoying lunch at Reno was a trip long overdue on our part.  We planned our attack ahead of time and were ready to order when we approached the counter.  We ordered the Hook: Togarashi smoked salmon, sliced cucumber and red onion, ripe avocado, capers and a home made schmear of airy but decadent artichoke cream cheese.
No argument from Jill that this was not only one of the most unique and tasty bagels we’d tasted, but the sandwich as a whole ranked among the elite for lox and bagel, period.  The bagel wasn’t the fluffiest, but it was still extremely tender with a crispy outside and doughy center.  The lox was flavorful and broke apart with ease.  What isn’t worse than getting a stringy piece of smoked salmon, really.
The second sandwich selection was another breakfast feature.  The Cowboy Killer featured a house made patty of maple fennel sausage, This one is served atop their version of a hard roll – the Trinity Bun.  Nice structurally sound and round mini boule that is capable of being moist and fluffy but still stand up to a runny egg.
An American Bechamel covers the sandwich that is finished with rajas or toasty mild Poblano peppers.  The dish comes together with creamy smoky and herbaceous flavor from the sauce, sausage and veg.  The textures work and though it’s a messy experience, it’s worth every inch of dirty napkin.
We couldn’t leave without sampling one of their house made desserts all displayed fancy like on the front counter.  We instantly fell in love with their individual cherry pie topped with what they described as “micro popcorn.” 
I can’t remember what the topping actually was, but the sweet cherry combined with the flavor of freshly popped popcorn was an instant hit for both of us.  We’d say to go for the savory, stay for the sweet…and grab a second sweet for the road…
I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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