A stone’s throw away from Publican Quality Meats is one of the city’s newest and most radical newcomers onto the already growing doughnut scene in Chi-town – Glazed and Infused (813 W. Fulton Market Pl.).  G&I is a hands on operation turning out unique varieties of donuts with care and precision using top quality ingredients, similar to many of those full service establishments on this fine stretch of Fulton Market Place.


After a quick BLT sandwich ordered to go from PQM – it happened to be absolutely stunning in quality and assembly of the classic dish – I went to Glazed and Infused for a sweet ending to my meal which would soon be enjoyed in the car.  This curbside meal, though, would be the highlight of my day.


I ordered their house specialty, the bacon maple Long John.  It was splendid.  The doughnut was dense and rich while still coming across airy and extremely flavorful.  They chose to place a lightly sugared and caramelized strip of bacon across the entire top of the doughnut.  It is the essence of sweet meets salty savory.  The bacon is just enough to add a different flavor and textural element to the plate.  So tasty.


Secondly, I opted for their Carrot Cake doughnut which was on special that particular day.  A traditional carrot cake doughnut covered with an airy yet decadent cream cheese frosting.  Little bits and niblets of goodness were in the cake doughnut and the frosting wasn’t too heavy and didn’t over power the cake, which is often the case.


With so many new sweet shops popping up whether they be doughnut or cupcake, Glazed and Infused is one of the better options, especially with so many other great savory options in the immediate area.


I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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