While waiting for my oil change, I wandered across the street from the Tuffy to a small storefront with four tables inside, all two tops.  A Plate Thai (2819 N. Southport Ave.) is a restaurant that clearly focuses on to-go business as during my lunch at least a dozen orders were picked up by locals and people who work in the area.


I started with their version of Crab Rangoon.  Their “candy wrapped” goodies are more similar to the excellent ‘goons at Friendship in that they’re wrapped in a package instead of a triangle.  They were extremely flavorful, creamy and came out piping hot.  Delicate and a great way to start a “light” lunch.


Next I ordered their Spicy Asian Chicken Wings.  A sweet and savory sauce covers well fried, crispy chicken wings.  Finished with sesame seeds and served with a creamy dressing, these are a great change up from the typical buffalo hot wing.


They’re reasonably priced and tastefully presented.  The sauce isn’t overdressed and there is great balance in the sweet, spicy and tangy qualities in the dish as a whole.  A Plate served as a perfect quick lunch and the quality of product and execution was surprising to say the least.  I’d give em another go if in the area, but it’s not going to break new ground in Thai cooking any time soon.


I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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