Friendship Chinese’s (2830 N. Milwaukee Ave.) flagship location in Logan Square has been in the neighborhood for quite some time.  They pride themselves on offering Chinese food turned 180 degrees.  Their menu offers up a mixture of classic Chinese dishes presented in an elevated manner as well as some completely new options you won’t find elsewhere.

Okay.  Their Crab Rangoon.  I know, it’s just crab rangoon – how good can it be?  They prepare theirs in little pouches of goodness as opposed to the traditional triangle shape.  You can fit more of the creamy filling into the pouch and you have more even displacement of filling as well inside the wonton.

The filling is rich and extremely flavorful.  The little sacks are fried to perfection, always arriving to the table hot and toasty, usually requiring a few minutes of patience before taking the first steamy bite.  The ‘goons are served atop a small pool of their thick and tangy sweet and sour sauce.  At Friendship you MUST get the Crab Rangoon – I’ll leave it at that.

Another one of my recommended dishes is the Honey Walnut Shrimp.  Lightly fried but naked shrimp are tossed in a super thick, creamy and quite unique, honey walnut sauce.  The plate is finished with simple steamed broccoli and some candied walnuts.  Other restaurants may offer this dish, but Friendship has perfected it.  I’ll be the first to admit, though, that it’s one of the more filling and heavy dishes I’ve sampled there.

Tuesday evenings, Friendship offers all their entrees at an incredible price of only $8.95!  I’d recommend making a reso if you do go on a Tuesday.  Only bad part of that deal is…crab rangoon is still the full price.  A very well worth it price that is…

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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