Home sweet home.  Great times in Northern California, but i’m glad to be back.  Not home for twenty four hours and I’m hitting the streets for something sweet and unique.  Scooter’s Frozen Custard (1658 W. Belmont Ave.) is one of the few frozen custard shops in Chicago.

Their product, unlike regular ice cream, has egg yolk which gives it a creamier richer quality.  Interestingly enough, though, frozen custard often has less fat than ice cream due to less cream and whole milk that’s required in the recipes.

Scooter’s Concretes are frozen custard blended with all sorts of different ingredients.  They’re so thick that you can turn the blended dessert upside down in the cup and it won’t fall out.  One of my favorites is their peanut butter and jelly.

They take their delicious vanilla custard and “lightly” blend it with a home made liquid peanut butter reduction.  It’s finally topped with a rich but fresh and tart blackberry sauce.  It’s splendid.  You can close you eyes and taste a PB&J with milk.  For real.  What makes Scooter’s even better?  The staff.

A younger staff with many kids from the neighborhood mans the counter.  During the summer, Scooter’s can easily sport a line around the block.  I highly recommend going during off hours.  I’ve said my piece.

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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