This is it.  Wasabi (2539 N. Milwaukee Ave.) in Logan Square definitively has the best Ramen Jill or I have ever tasted.  As many of you know, Jill used to work at Wasabi.  She fell in love with Ramen noodles during her tenure there and ever since, has been trying to find a joint with BETTER ramen.  We can say with complete honesty that no one has come close to what Wasabi has to offer…plus they give you an authentic Ramen ladle – don’t be that guy and ask for a regular spoon.

Both owners of the restaurant have “day jobs,” so Wasabi is something they’re doing out of love – not really even to make money – though I imagine they do.  They spend the extra money on quality ingredients whether they are sourced locally or imported directly from Japan.  The couple, Jee from Korea and Satoko hailing from Japan, travel frequently, making trips to New York, Los Angeles and, of course, Japan to research the best Ramen around the planet.

Their Tonkotsu Ramen is what I’d recommend on your first visit.  Those more advanced in the fine art of Ramen consumption know that it all comes down to the broth.  Broth.  Broth.  Broth.  Wasabi kills it.  What is clearly a multiple day process, their robust, savory, earthy broth is nothing short of heaven – form of…SOUP!  The bowl of steaming hot broth comes full with Berkshire pork cheek – I’d opt to add pork belly for the up charge if I were you (see ridiculous looking picture above) – marinated bamboo shoots, Kikurage mushrooms, and a soft boiled egg.  Each ingredient is prepared just right.  The egg oozes all throughout the soup when breached, the bamboo shoots bring a nice tangy crunch to the table and the mushrooms are tender and complement the umami broth just right.

Everyone we’ve brought or sent over to Wasabi has returned more than once.  I assure you with the absolute most confidence, you will fall in love.  They’re open for lunch only Saturday and Sunday, but nothing beats hot Ramen on a cold fall or winter day.  Sayin?…


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