With my first blog out of the way, let me explain…

Short and sweet. Fun and maybe a bit witty. Informative yet at times spontaneous . And of course, mouthwatering and “jealousy creating.” This will not be another super-critical, long-winded, ranting food blog. No one has time these days to read endless lines of self-absorbed critique – plus it’s no fun being nasty. This will feature the foods I love to eat and the places that serve them.  Often just a few sentences, posts will be photo friendly and enjoyable to check out with a spare minute or two.

I’m a diehard food and wine lover who’s lucky enough to work with both every day. I’d like to think that lends my insights an added dimension. I often seek out the lesser-known spots around town that I come upon by word of mouth within the industry. Everyone knows Girl n the Goat, Boka and Publican are super bad ass – no doubt. They rank as some of my most enjoyable meals and they will all end up in this blog. But I want to open peeps eyes to everything Chicago (and wherever) has to offer through the taste buds of Scott Hinden. 


2 thoughts on “My simple yet tasty mission…

  1. Way to go Scott! Congratulation on the new blog. Looking forward to reading more and passing on the great reviews. Cousin John

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