I came across Panes (3002 N. Sheffield Ave.) on Yelp. Intrigued by a super cheap, ($6 a sandwich) 4.5 rating joint with hundreds of reviews I headed down Sheffield and made a quick stop. The Turkey, Turkey was recommended by the staff. Served on a perfectly toasted tomato Foccacia, the turkey was fresh roasted and warm, ripe avocado nugs just the right size, soft red roasted pepper n a zesty mayo created a perfectly balanced sandy. The bread at the shop is what makes all the difference. Its light and airy yet full of fresh herbaceous goodness – plus most sandwiches come toasty and warm. Panes is one of the better under $7 sandwiches in the city time after time. Cookies and sides are plentiful and worth grabbing as well while there. After all, you just saved a few coins on your “bread n meat.”


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