ImageSince we felt satisfied but not overstuffed after a sandwich at Panes why not walk a mere 100 feet down Sheffield to Michael Kornick’s quick n fast fish concept for round two?… Fish Bar (2956 N. Sheffield Ave.) – a bright and clean space goes a long way with this type of cuisine. They let the raw product speak for itself with each item on their menu.

We walked in knowing we wanted to try their calamari.  Yes its simple but the dish’s execution says a lot about a sea food restaurants dedication to product. Shouldn’t be over battered and the sauce shouldn’t drown out the delicate qualities of the squid.  Theirs was great. Barely breaded at all the lil guys were served with no sauce – only some pickled peppers which were a brilliant tart n only slightly spicy pairing. As tender as any squid I’ve tried these are a perfect munch to start a meal. The portion sizes are smaller here so more can be sampled. Calamari was only $6. A steal.

Next!  Opting for mussels in a traditional white wine broth we were greeted with super sweet and lovely textured mussels in one of the better broths we have ever tasted. We don’t say this casually – Jill is a mussel fanatic. Layers of complexity – garlic, ocean and sea breeze could actually be tasted. It was awesome.

Splitting a Po’ boy was the second best choice we made today. Again, it’s all about the foundation of a sandwich – the bread. Spot on with lightly fried shrimp n crayfish it was simply dressed with garlic aioli L and T. Simply delish. Buttery bun…check. Call it a day.



One thought on “Fish Bar…I like this corner.

  1. so jill likes mussels huh….sounds like a trip to the east coast where I can personally take her mussel picking needs to happen….fresh fishers island mussels….as far as the eye can see

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