I suppose it isn’t much of a surprise that a joint named Philly’s Best just might serve up Chicago’s best cheesesteak.  But would you believe  it’s even better than what I’ve tasted in Philadelphia itself?  Believe it.  Dean, a Philadelphia transplant, sources his long sandwich rolls from the Amoroso Bakery in Philadelphia.  You CANNOT have an authentic Philly Cheesesteak without Amoroso brand rolls – it’s just how it is.  It may be a cheesesteak without one, but not of the Philly variety.


Only fresh rib-eye, sliced super thin, is spread on the flat top.  Dean uses the traditional method where you pile the grill top with the steak and onions, peppers and their special seasoning – I chose to add mushrooms.  You cook it down a bit and add the cheese.  Once that’s melted, bread goes on top and the whole thing gets flipped over – white American cheese on the bottom (Whiz and Provolone also available), steak on top.  This is genius for a few reasons.  First off, the cheese resting on the bottom hits your tongue first setting off a bevy of queso endorphins in your brain – yup, they exist.  Second, all of the ingredients become incorporated into one mass of delicious cheese, meat, bread and caramelized veggies.


The sandwich is fantastic.  Consistent time after time, plentiful and well worth the price.  They serve other Philly specialties like Krazy Kakes, a packaged dessert rarely found outside  the City of Brotherly Love.  There are a few excellent Philly Cheesesteaks around town – no doubt.  Philly’s Best, though, has satisfied my craving on each and every visit without fail.  With a few locations around Chi-town you’re sure to run into one.  Now it’s your choice to walk through the door.

Tell ’em Hungry Hungry Hinden sent ya.

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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