There are many a fine burger in our fair city.  To call yourself Rockit Burger Bar (3700 N. Clark St.), you’d sure as hell have one of the better examples of the classic meat between bread dish around.  The Rockit group has accomplished this feat.  They focus on excellent ingredients, well though out combinations and recipes and flawless execution to deliver one of the more solid burgers in Chicago.


We split two burgers.  First was the Locavore.  A locally raised Midwest beef patty topped with Goose Island beer battered onion rings, Nordic Creamery smoked cheese, and Neuske bacon aioli all served atop a toasty pretzel roll.  When we tasted the two patties side by side you can tell the texture of the local beef was a little smoother with almost a finer grind.  The burger was a spot on medium rare and the fat was very well rendered.  The beef was seasoned and the toppings weren’t overwhelming.  This was a damn good sandwich.  Pretzel roll was buttered and toasted well.  Burger one, success.


The second choice on this visit was the Truffle Mushroom Burger.  This is their regular 8 oz. Black Angus beef patty, again cooked to a perfect medium rare.  This time the meat was topped with wild mushrooms, Gruyere cheese and a truffle creme fraiche.  The shrooms were well caramelized and the truffle not overpowering.  Both burgers having been constructed with care and cooked just right, it would’ve been difficult to not leave both full and extremely pleased with the experience overall.


I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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