Left and right people have been saying I need to go to Monti’s (4757 N. Talman Ave.) for the city’s best cheese steak.  Whenever anyone says they have the city’s best food, I’m skeptical as one should be.  However, at least a half dozen hard core food lovers have said their focus on incredible products and authentic execution are the key to their successful operation.


They start with an Amoroso roll flown in daily from Philadelphia.  Everyone in Philly knows that the Amoroso family has been making the best bread in town for decades.  Their sandwich rolls are the foundation to what makes so many Philly cheese steaks in Philadelphia so superior to the rest of the nation.


Next, their choice of beef is Black Angus Ribeye.  You really aren’t going to find a higher quality beef that’s being chopped up for a sandwich anywhere.  The beef is fresh and you receive a super healthy portion on every sandwich.  The meat is seasoned well and the flat top does the rest.


You won’t find whiz on top of my Philly.  I went with a melty sharp provolone though white American and cheddar are also available.  They chop their steak up well but not too much.  The meat is super lean and high quality so there’s no gristle or overly fatty pieces.  The cheese is under the meat as it should be if done authentically.  Folks, we have a winner.  Flawless execution and traditional ingredients bring about an excellent sandwich.  It may be a bit pricey, but it’s worth it.  Monti’s is sure to give my reigning champ Philly’s Best a run for their money.

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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