Big Star serves killer tacos.  But you must try the Sonoran Hot Dog once.  The Sonoran is unique in this fine city.  You come face to face with a crispy, bacon wrapped all beef jumbo hot dog, topped with pinto beans, lime mayo, mustard, onions and Big Star hot sauce all tucked into a Bolillo roll.


The Bolillo “bun” is a variation on the baguette traditionally made in Mexico.  The dog is delicious.  It’s thick and though there are a lot of toppings, especially sauces, the amount of beef balances everything out.  But it is messy.  In the end, you may be using a knife and fork – and that’s just fine by me.  They drizzle their sauces over even the top of the bun so that every bite has a perfect blend of the three.  It somehow works out really well.  But this is by no means a portable dog.  Dining in is a must.  Whiskey anyone?


I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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