Alright.  The single place at which Hungry Hungry Hinden has dined the most is upon us for the 100th post.  Sarki’s Cafe (2632 Grosse Point Road, Evanston), a.k.a. Sark’s, has been serving up quintessential greasy spoon food since our parents were young.  Their sign claims they have the World’s best Omelet, yet that’s not what most people order!  How is that possible you ask?  How can someone NOT order something that claims to be the World’s BEST!?!?!  One word: DISASTER.

No, I’m not speaking of anything the likes of Sandy (that wet, windy, gal) or any other natural feat of mother nature.  I’m referring to their Disaster Sandwich.  An Armenian flavored sausage patty is placed atop a Turrano Roll and topped with a “white cheese,” tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and a special seasoning blend.  It’s that simple, but that incredible.

I always opt for a side of hash browns.  They’re the simple pre-cut shredded variety – very simple again, but when cooked on their grill that has been seasoned for half a century, you get flavors that are impossible through salt, pepper or any other seasoning.  You can get their special cheesy hash – cheese, peppers, onions and tomato,  but since I’m going to put the has ON TOP OF my already dressed sandwich, the extra ingredients aren’t necessary.

Finally, the sandwich absolutely MUST be topped with their hot sauce.  I’ll ruin the surprise – it’s House Recipe brand.  Totally generic, but again, this is what they’ve been using all these years and IT, JUST, WORKS.  The hot tangy vinegar qualities of the sauce cut through the richness of the meat and cheese on the sammy.

Once I’ve placed the hash browns and hot sauce atop the rest, I eat.  Naturally, by the fifth or sixth bite, the sandwich begins to fall apart, and sometimes by the end, it becomes a fork and knife operation.  An absolutely delicious operation of cleaning up the debris of hash browns and veggies soaked in hot sauce.

Even though they have a wide variety of sodas, juices and iced tea available, the house drink is Orange Sunkist.  Again, I’m not sure why or how this began, but everyone seems to order this magical variety of soda.  I suppose, it must be because the flavors of the soda complement the sandwich just right – maybe its’ the hot sauce…

I’ve dined at Sark’s nearly one hundred times – no exaggeration.  That’s absolutely more times than anywhere else on the planet.  It holds a very very special place in my heart.  The couple times it was closed temporarily due to health violations, myself and much of the North Shore were up in arms complaining that their questionable food handling ethics are part of the mystique.  I love Sark’s.  I will always love Sark’s.  Maybe one day it will be mine…

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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