Superdawg is a classic dog joint originally located in Northern Chicago (6363 N. Milwaukee Ave.) that serves up some of  the city’s best red hots.  They opened a second location in Wheeling (333 S. Milwaukee Ave., Wheeling) that serves up the same great franks, burgers and fries.  Their product is prepared to the same specs by their meat purveyor since their inception in 1948.  It goes without saying that Superdawg is a tradition that families have shared in Chicago land for decades. There’s something about a Superdawg that brings you back more than any other wiener in town.

Superdawg uses their trademark red boxes to serve their dogs, all of which come with french fries served inside the box.  The box isn’t only a practical container from which to eat your dog, but it also provides a little extra steam action before consumption which allows all your ingredients a moment to mingle and come together.  The bun gets a little more steamed and when you open the lid, you’re greeted by pure steamy bliss.  What makes the experience better you (may) ask?  Everything is served with a smile – a genuine smile.

Back to the food.  The dog itself is large and plump.  Only a slight bite to the skin, the ingredients are fresh and the quantity gives nice balance to the sandwich.  Just enough mustard, relish, onions and sport pepper to round out the classic taste of a Chicago Dog.  The fries are crispy and while not made moments before consumption, they were hot and well seasoned.  Plus, the Wheeling location offers real Merkt’s style cheddar cheese for your fries.  Basically, a game changer in my book.  You can’t go wrong at Superdawg, even though going to the Wheeling location is a bit of a Benedict Arnold move in the eyes of many a-Chicagoan.  Oh well…

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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