On more than one occasion I’ve stopped by the Wiener’s Circle DURING THE DAY to grab a “snack” of cheddar fries.  They have one of the top five orders of fries available in Chicago – possibly top three.  I crave them.  When I’m in the vicinity, there’s always a possibility that perfectly fried spuds (nicely seasoned oil) doused in real Wisconsin cheddar cheese begin to call my name. Hand cut, crispy on the outside, just greasy enough and always piping hot. Qualities of great fries.
No need to get an entree.  Plus, I even think their char dogs are some of the best in town – that’s how much I drool over their fries.  No need to deal with the “show” that occurs at night when you can score ridiculous hot dogs, burgers and friggin REAL cheddar fries at a good price from friendly folks when the sun is still up – and they really can be friendly. Really.
I’m hungry. Lets eat!


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