I’ve long awaited this post. Esperanto (6 1/2 Caroline St., Saratoga Springs) is a little pizza joint in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY that serves up one of the nations greatest late night foods – The Doughboy. The story goes that a pot-toking psychology professor from Skidmore – a part owner of Esperanto – created the lil’ guy while working as a chef on a cruise ship while paying his way through college.
They’re often purchased in multiples and, in my opinion, require a fair dose of homemade hot sauce to bring all the thunder to the table. During the school year, you’ll find students and townies lined up out the door to get their hands on a Doughboy – and it’s worth the wait.
A Doughboy is simple. A cheese blend (including cream cheese), shredded chicken, scallions and spices all wrapped in pizza dough – that’s all. It sounds pretty straight forward, but the combination with their hot sauce is just what one needs after a night out.
The Doughboys aren’t always hot. In fact, they’re usually warm which keeps the inside from getting too runny and loose. It’s also easier to eat, and there’s no risk of taste bud burn. And I will not show you the inside of The Doughboy. You will have to try one for yourself. Sorry. You see, I once ate five Doughboys. I’m not proud of it but…I ate one…and then another. Then I figured three wasn’t too many, and then before I knew it, the fourth was gone – one left. I didn’t want to leave just one since a single Doughboy is merely a tease. So, five.
Jill and I traveled to Saratoga a couple years ago where she first tasted the Doughboy. Weeks later, back in Chicago, I came home from work to something familiar in a Tupperware in the fridge…a…Doughboy? But how could it be? Did Jill somehow get them delivered? I looked closer and it WAS a Doughboy. I warmed it up a few seconds in the microwave and it was PERFECT. But how?!? Based on taste alone, she duplicated the recipe AT HOME. Genius. I’m a lucky guy to have a girl that will go to lengths to perfectly replicate a recipe found only a thousand miles away.
I’m hungry and I’m in love with my girl. Let’s eat!


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