Last minute Sox tickets through Chicago Cut made me a happy boy on a random Monday.  I can say with confidence after visiting a smattering of ballparks around the country, that US Cellular Field has some of the best grub available.
Everyone knows about their famous Brats, Polish sausages, and dogs cooked at the stands with grilled onions.  And of course, I enjoyed a polish “with” (onions) and mustard.

A hidden gem at the park, though, is the elote, a Mexican twist on corn on the cob.  Every order is made fresh starting with a steamed ear of corn and here, it’s served OFF the cob for ease of eating.
The vender cuts the kernels off the corn by hand each time, mixes it with butter, Parmesan cheese, paprika, lime, chile and salt.
So simple, yet so satisfying.  Plus, you can see it being made right before you eyes. So much enjoyment for under five bucks. Creamy, spicy flavors coupled with acidity from the lime and the mayo works as a perfect binder – each bite stays together on the spoon.
I mean, part of the annoyance with eating corn OFF the cob is merely getting the kernels in your mouth and not on the floor.
I wouldn’t say instead of, so, in addition to your dog the next time you visit the park, I’d swing over to one of the elote stands and try something you won’t find at any other staduim in the country.

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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