The French Market (131 N. Clinton Ave.) in the old Union Station is a hidden spot in Chi-town that most locals aren’t even aware of. For the most part there are mediocre kiosks that seem fairly contrived. I imagined more fresh produce and non-prepared items in the “market.”
After a quick lap, we decided the only worth while option was probably the Montreal style pastrami from Fumare Meats.
They’re known for their pastrami which has their special seasoning that generously covers the meat while cooking. It creates an almost crunchy peppery crust which is unlike anything I’ve had before at a deli.
A generous portion of meat is layered on top of hearty rye that holds up to the weight of the sammy. The beef is trimmed just eight leaving a nice layer of fat which is key with hood hand carved pastrami. The seasoning is on point with great pepper and a touch of chili spice.
The sandwich is surprisingly easy to eat and even after the first bite we knew it was one of the best. Honestly. There aren’t many spots in Chicago that feature hand carved pastrami. Even the city’s best isn’t hand carved.
The pastrami is worth the trip alone and I’m sure some people with find other goodies in the market to have with their sandwich such as cheese from Pastoral.
I WILL return, however, to take a pound or two home for our next deli brunch with the fam.
I’m hungry. Lets eat!


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