I hadn’t been to The Smoke Daddy (1804 W. Division Ave.) in Wicker Park for a couple years and while driving through the neighborhood I stopped by for a quick sandwich.  Smoke Daddy relies on the low and slow method of smoking to cook their meat.
I ordered a combo sandwich with Brisket burnt ends and pulled pork.  My side of choice – mac and cheese.  The sandwich was plentiful and the meats were both excellent in overall enjoyment. 
The pulled pork wasn’t mushy, it held up nicely in the sauce and it had excellent sweet flavor.  The burnt ends were fatty rich and super savory.  They were just what I was expecting when it comes to burnt ends.
The Daddy features three different barbecue sauces on the table.  One is a vinegar based sauce, another sweet and molasses, the third a spicier mustard base.  All three are excellent but I ended up using the mustard a little more than the other two.
Mac and cheese was thick and gooey with a light dusting of bread crumbs on top.  Seemed as though they used a sharp aged cheddar cheese in the mac.  The portion was smaller as it was an included side, but I could have easily eaten three portions without breaking a sweat.
All in all, I enjoyed my quick lunch on Division.  I was in and out in thirty minutes and had some time to sit back and relax before hitting the road.  I’d go back for the rib combo for dinner one night while their live music is rockin’.
I’m hungry. Lets eat!


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