My last stop on my “layover” in Queens was at a taco institution in Corona. We headed over after a Lemon Ice and I ran in to order a couple tacos at Tortilleria Nixtamal.
The carnitas were seasoned after marinating overnight in a secret blend of spices. The meat came out tender and was served on a homemade corn tortilla.
The Al Pastor taco comes with fresh cilantro, charred pineapple and onion. The sweet addition of pineapple brought the taco together nicely.
Their tortillas are handmade using a process passed down through generations of the proprietor’s family.
They use only natural corn that is completely untreated and organically grown.
I cooled down with an Orchata to go served in a plastic bag. It was text book rice water.
We have some of the best Mexican food here in Chicago, but if in the Manzana Grande, Nixtamal is a sure bet.
I’m hungry. Lets eat!


2 thoughts on “Tortilleria Nixtamal. Making homemade tortillas by hand for the last 5000 years…

  1. Have you found anywhere in Chicago that makes tortillas with nixtamal? My husband and I have been looking for nixtamal tortillas and have struck out multiple times. They’re so much better than regular masa.

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