A few NYC birdies whispered about a pizza place in Forest Hills near the corner of Ascan and Austin that’s serving some of Queens best pizza. Granted it isn’t New York style, Nick’s Pizza churns out remarkably made pies.
Germane was our server. Friendly and knowledgeable, she provided quick and attentive service. The menu is simple. Salads, pizzas and Calzones make up the three ring circus here.
We ordered one large pizza with half sausage half pepperoni. The pie arrived not five minutes after it was ordered. It came to the table piping hot and looked fantastic.
The sauce was robust and just sweet enough. As in most Neapolitan pizzas, fresh mozzarella was dolloped around the dough and the toppings were carefully placed.
I could tell the dude making the pizzas had an eye for detail. It was greatly appreciated.
We all loved the pizza. The pepperoni was a little thick and a bit spicy which was fine by me.
The sausage was ground smaller than you’d find in Chicago…but we’re not in Chicago, so awesome.
We killed the large and ventured on to our next grub spot. If you find yourself in Queens, Nick’s is absolutely worth the trip day or night.
I’m hungry. Lets eat!

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