Some great buds o mine recommended hitting up The Lemon Ice King of Corona after grabbing a bite at Nick’s Pizza in neighboring Forest Hills, Queens.


They were so right. I’ve tasted ices before (Miko’s in Chi-town) but Ice King takes it to another level.


Like most ice spots, its basically a shack with counter service. The King features more flavors than anyone I’ve come across before – and they’re unique ones at that.


I ordered the watermelon per a recommendation…plus its one of my favorite fruit flavors.  My grandparents opted for traditional lemon while my mom enjoyed a medium mango ice.


All three were outstanding.  The flavor was incredibly pronounced – right in your face. The texture is just right too.


Not too icy and dare I say a touch creamy?  It was soft and easy to eat. A perfect refreshing snack after a filling pizza pie lunch.

I’m hungry. Lets eat!


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