Jill and I stumbled upon Tweet (5020 N. Sheridan Rd.) by pure luck.  While Jill’s tuxedo for her new gig was being altered (in just an hour!) we searched the area for a quick lunch spot.  Yelp lead us to Tweet – a cute nook of a spot that I surprisingly had never heard of – I know, right?!
Last visit I ordered a bacon, egg and cheese croissant while Jill enjoyed a super solid Reuben.  My croissant was fresh baked, very large and filled with more bacon cheese and fluffy egg than I’d ever expect in a breakfast sandwich.  This pic was taken pre-blog so they aren’t the quality I would have hoped for – alas:
This trip we sat in a small raised area right up front by the window; it was just a bit too chilly to sit on their quaint and floral patio. Their extensive condiment selection found on every table shows their commitment to flavor – three varieties of Tabasco AND Cholula.
The signature touch to just about all of Tweet’s dishes is the presentation. A fresh garden salad AND fruit salad are included and both are presented in a glorious “garden of color” on the same plate as your entree.  It’s pretty, tasty and turns out to be a great deal for all the fresh product that’s used.
Our server, Jen, was friendly and non obtrusive yet attentive enough for lunch service.  Jill saw a salad on our last trip and decided in advance she was going all Cobb today.  I was torn between the croissant sandwich of last and the Lox and bagel platter which looked great.  By the way all.  When you’re walking through a restaurant to be seated, look at other peeps plates.  I surprise myself how often I order a dish based on how great it looked elsewhere in the dining room.  I added a single pancake to my order; there aren’t many places other than IHOP that even offer a single pancake – and why not I ask?  Jill added a side of onion rings and we were set for a lunch feast.
We were presented with two small pieces of a banana chocolate bread as an amuse bouche. Great touch for lunch. image
The Cobb salad was quite frankly gorgeous. Served in a deep untraditional bowl, the vivid colors of the ingredients brought the salad to life. The chicken was grilled to order, Jill chose blue cheese dressing that was creamy and clearly house made; the salad looked almost too pretty to eat – but she did.
Onion rings had a tempura style batter. They were crispy, hot and easy to bite – a trait not often often found in rings.image
My “seeded” bagel was fat and doughy but nicely toasted. The cream cheese was whipped and easy to spread. Quality of the lox was exceptional. Fresh, not fishy, there was plenty to easily pile on both halves. The texture was tender and delicate – I didnt encounter one bite of grissle.
Plenty of accoutrement, including plump capers, were provided to make the biggest lox platter snob content. A terrific example of this classic dish and NOT found at a Deli.
The single pancake was the best call of the meal besides choosing to go there in the first place. It wasn’t that fluffy and it was a bit more dense. Though this sounds like a critique, I really enjoyed the “flapjack” style of pancake.
It had lot of bright sweet flavor and was super tender if you will. It had a little bite in the texture which was unique and made me wonder why fluffy pancakes are always considered superior. Hmmm….
Two great experiences from this destination spot for us Logan Square folk. There will be a third time as I’d like to venture deeper into the eclectic yet comfort driven menu.


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