Rick Bayless’ sandwich and churro shop on Clark hits on so many levels. Xoco (449 N. Clar St.) product is often locally sourced and artisan crafted, flavors are layered, textures are well thought out and the options are incredibly unique. Jill and I swung by for a late lunch.

The Milanese panini sounded delish as did the Pepito a short rib creation with rich rustic qualities. Caramelized onions and smoky sharp jack cheese, pickled Jalapeno all work really well. The surprisingly tangy pepper cuts through the rich slow cooked short rib. Bread is crispy and stands up to each juicy bite.

Despite how great that sounds the Milanese topped it by a tad. Made with a creamy but fresh and herbaceous cilantro mayo, the Gunthrop Farms chicken was perfectly fried with a seasoned breading. It was easy to eat and packed a lot of savory goodness into each bite. It was hard for pictures in mediocre lighting to do these sammies justice.


We finished sharing a churro with a hot chocolate shot for dipping. No explanation needed…best churro ever.

I’m sure everything is solid. I’d recommend going at an off hour to avoid crowds.


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