Beating NATO traffic has multiple benefits. No honking of horns or cursing out other drivers, plus a few extra minutes to grab some quick grub. Took Clybourn in and snuck down Orleans to one of the best dog and burger joints (its not really fair to call it that though) in the city – Big n’ Littles (860 N. Orleans St.).

I went with my go-to on the menu: Soft Shell Crab PO Boy – ridic! Perfectly fried crab that maintains its integrity in the fryer and while eating. Great spicy mayo lettuce tomato and that’s all you need. Granted prices have increased a bit since opening down the street but they’re still well within reason for the quality product you receive. Anything on the menu here is a winner. You must go. Period.


4 thoughts on “Big n Little’s. Big flavor…fair prices.

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