Franks n’ Dawgs on Clybourn is one of my most consistent and satisfying go-to quick service joints in the city – but that’ll be a later post.  Their brilliance lives on in “Frank’s” newest concept sporting a more full service setting and featuring “elevated street food.”  Having opened just a couple weeks ago off Clark and Diversey, Jill and I made a B-line to The Peasantry (2723 N. Clark St.) to begin the celebration of her 30th year in true foodie style.

The menu features everything from Cognac BBQ frog legs and homemade pigs in a blanket using freshly ground chorizo, as well as pork belly gyros, fresh octopus flat bread and handmade sausages.  There’s even a rabbit pasta centered around slow red wine braised rabbit…uh, yeah, I’ll take two.


Jill and I started with the Mussel Bake.  Mussels, yellow and purple fingerling potatoes, homemade sausage and a unique broth with a Meyer Lemon note that we both slurped up mouth to bowl when the mussels were gone.


Second starter was the Duck wings cooked sous vide then fried and served with a tangy cherry mustard and buttermilk vin.  They were out of this world.  A nice thin coat of breading and uber moist and juicy duck meat worked so well with the cherry mustard.  I mean, really – cherry mustard…who’d a thunk.  Not even I.


On to the main course – which we shared – the Bone Marrow Burger.  They blend hangar steak and bone marrow  – which if you haven’t had the privilege of trying, you should be ashamed – into the fresh meat ground on premise creating an unctuous creation that I WILL be back for…soon

Manchego cheese provides a sharp kick and pickled cauliflower works as well cutting through the rich beef as the pickled Jalapenos did earlier at Xoco…think these two are on to something.

To say the least it was one of the more unique and enjoyable burger experiences I’ve had in a while.  Besides the addition of marrow, the meat was extra beefy and seasoned appropriately.  Cooke to a perfect medium rare I had no complaints – only smiles.

We ordered the waffle fries which were as good as a fry of this sort can be and identical to those served at the sister Franks n’ Dawgs – which is a good thing.  image

The sole special on the chalkboard was Ana’s Elote (ear o’ corn).  But this was the most unique and flavorful piece of corn ever imagined – really, I’m not messin’.  Coated in a fig aioli with a light blue cheese, there were bits of chicharon and toasted hazelnuts all over every tender kernel.  The dish was finished with a fresh aromatic rosemary oil.  It was the bomb.  A great savory sweet way to end the meal.

We passed on the deconstructed candy bar – Twix and Toblerone.  Next time.



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