Tropicuba (3000 W. Lyndale Ave.) rests on the corner of Sacramento and…anybody…Lyndale. Stumbling upon it during a walk around the neighborhood, we were greeted warmly by the owner.

Super cheap and quick sandies are prepared at a makeshift grill in the back with counter stools and all. We sat at one of the five tables though for the “full service” experience.

We ordered the Cubanito and the Lechon, (pork) both recommended by the lovely grandma who greeted us.
Both sandwiches arrived piping hot and prepared with care.

Fresh pork and ham as well as super crispy bread were highlights of the Cuban while the surprisingly juicy and robust shredded lechon barely needed any condiments to improve the dish – a lil lettuce and a light schmear of mayo were already included.

After having our fill there was enough food to take home for din din. End of the day each sandwich was a laughable six bucks. Enjoy kids. And stop by Miko’s after for solid Italian Ice (banana chocolate chip is their specialty btw).



One thought on “Tropicuba. “Just” a grill in a convenience store.

  1. Rahul and I have always wondered about this place and constantly agonize about the lack of a good ol’ sandwich shop in Logan Square! We’ll have to try it out…

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