The Sobelman. A burger that is nothing short of legend around the fine city of Milwaukee, resting just ninety minutes North of Chicago.
There are a number of fine a burger joint in this town, but time after time both natives and reviewers alike say that Sobelman’s (1900 W. Saint Paul St.) serves the best.  The final straw?  When a trusted burger fanatic D. Schuster said he’d lose all respect for me if I didn’t try a Sobelman.  OK. I get it.
They stick to the Keep It Simple Stupid method. Fresh ground beef sourced from a local butcher since they opened in the mid nineties.
The patties are cooked atop a griddle searing in the juices bringing the meat to a perfect medium well temp – perfectly acceptable on a flat top burger.
This is Wisconsin so they insist in topping their namesake burger with THREE different kinds of cheese. American, Swiss and of course, Wisconsin Cheddar are skillfully laid fully covering the (two) beefy discs of goodness.
Smoky crispy bacon along with griddled onion and surprisingly mild jalapeno peppers complete the sandwich. The balance of veggies to beef and cheese is perfect. At first you see the sandwich and think the sheer amount of cheese will be overpowering – not the case.
A super buttery brioche bun also baked specially for Sobelman’s just down the road holds up to the oozing stack of meat and cheese. Its delicious. Juicy, savory, so cheesy – and each of the three brings a different element to the burger as a whole. You must order this. Must.
Oh, by the way. If you do visit and you get thirsty, why not try their Bloody Masterpiece. And that is EXACTLY what it is…and then some.
A delicious homemade Bloody Mary, no mix used here. It is spectacular and arrives in their extra large mug. Garnishes anyone? How about more than a dozen? Shrimp, olive, onion, sure. But then add asparagus, a cube of Wisconsin cheese, a chunk of meat stick…oh and did I mention a full slider?…yes they put a whole slider on TOP of the Bloody. Insane. Thank you God, you so exist.
When in Milwaukee, go to Sobelman’s. In fact, go to Milwaukee FOR Sobelman’s. They even make their own spicy ketchup. It’s that good kiddies.

I’m hungry. Lets eat!

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