My second stop by Xoco in the last year served me well once again.  On this super quick late lunch trip, we enjoyed an appetizer of chicharones.  Twice fried to a fluffy airy texture, the crisps are easy to eat without any tough or gristly bites. 
They were served with finely diced onions and a spicy red sauce which provided a nice contrast to the rich fatty niblets of pork skin.
Jill enjoyed a “Meal in a Bowl” of delicious seafood accompanied by a spicy red broth.  Perfectly cooked pieces of shrimp, fresh fish and mussels float in the liquid with cilantro, fresh greens and a melange of other spices.  The dish is complex yet extremely fresh and light on its feet.  While the broth is spicy, there is a zesty citrus driven lemon grass quality that separates it from other caldos.
I ordered one of their signature sandwiches made toasty in their wood burning oven.  The Cochinita Pibil is a slow roasted pork delicacy.  This wood roasted suckling pig is served on a warm crispy baguette accompanied by achiote – a paste derived from a Mexican shrub that gives the meat a smoky robust flavor.  Black beans, pickled onions and a spicy habanero salsa complete the dish.
As the runner delivers your food they warn you of the intense heat found in the salsa served beside the sandwich; they aren’t kidding.  Plenty of flavor and plenty of heat, I recommend treading lightly.

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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