Moderno (1850 Second St., Highland Park) is a unique restaurant to find in the suburbs.  I’ve dined there before and I was impressed with the quality of product and technique that was being practiced outside of the city.  I have been looking forward to returning to try one of their sandwiches as my previous trip was more of a dinner meal.  Now is the time.

I dined with three wine loving peeps before a tasting and decided to order their P.L.T.  The bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich – pancetta more specifically in this case – is simple, and as you all know by now, one of my standards when it comes to deli style sandwiches.  Moderno presents theirs alongside a bag of house made potato chips.  The sandwich is done on thick country bread that’s been toasted perfectly.  The pancetta has been sliced properly and is easy to eat.  It’s smoky and meaty lending excellent flavor and texture to the sandwich.  The tomatoes are very ripe and are also easy to break apart with each bite.

Chef decides to use miz(z)una as the green, a spicy Japanese lettuce that almost has a mustard note in the flavor profile – zesty and almost a little peppery or tangy.  Really a unique and nice touch to this traditional sandwich.  They finish it off with a fresh tomato aioli – not too heavy at all but always necessary in a proper B..er…P.L.T.  Lunch at Moderno was fun and tasty.  Offering pastas, sandwiches, salads and a special prix fixe menu for two – at LUNCH – I’d go back.

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat.


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