The first stop on our voyage East with Ed n Deb was in Toledo, Ohio. I know – Toledo?…but we were starving and it was time to eat. Via Yelp, I found a breakfast n lunch spot that looked new and fun at the least – Grumpy’s (34 S. Huron St., Toledo)
We walked in and found the dining room packed with the mid day lunch crowd. College students, professionals and families all under one roof. There was even a short wait for a table.
Guests were enjoying a number of enticing salads, burgers, breakfast plates as well as mini pizzas. This place has it all. The menu itself wasn’t too overwhelming which made it (a little) easier to order.
We were seated and promptly greeted. As we had already glanced at the menu while hanging we were ready to order.
I went with “Scott’s Pizza Burger Sub.” Naturally I HAD to order it for it’s name, but it happened to be what I’d have chosen anyways.
A well seasoned handmade Italian sausage patty was served on a toasted sub roll. It arrived topped with mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce and I added tangy banana peppers since giardinara doesn’t exist outside of Chicago. Potato chips from the bag- okay. But for under ten bucks it was a great buy and unique to Grumpy’s.
I threw in a side of banana nut bread with honey peanut butter. It was warmed slightly on the griddle giving it a little crust that made it extra nice – attention to detail.
We all got a cookie on the way out for checking in on Yelp. Sure, I’d like a free cookie. The oatmeal raisin was just eight. Chewy, big raisins, and crispy in the edges.
Don’t go to Toledo. But if you do, Grumpy’s is a sure bet for a good lunch. But for some reason they’re not open for dinner.
I’m hungry. Let’s eat!


2 thoughts on “Grumpy’s. Eat here. Diet home.

  1. Or *do* come to Toledo for Grumpy’s followed by the Art Museum. 🙂 We try to eat at Grumpy’s whenever we have the day off to have the Garbage Salad.

  2. Every time I’m in Toledo and go to Grumpy’s I end up with the Garbage Salad. It’s a treat! I had one yesterday when i was there! If only they delivered to VA!

    I want to try breakfast some time. They’ve been tempting me on Facebook for a while now with their morning menu!!

    Next time you’re in town try The Beirut for dinner. The BEST middle eastern food!

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