On a sunny day I swung by a hot dog and burger joint I’d heard about from a few reputable sources but had yet to visit.  Situated in the garden unit on a quaint but bustling strip of Broadway is Flub A Dub Chub, (3021 N. Broadway St.) a hot dog stand that prides itself in well crafted burgers and dogs and killer fries.  Burgers are cooked to order with a temp and come with the option of a pretzel roll.  On this day, though, I felt like a 1/4 lb Vienna dog with all the fixins’ – minus ketchup and tomatoes.
All sandwiches come with fries which justifies the slightly higher prices than other counter operations, but for this quality of meat and toppings I was glad to pay the five spot for the meal.
The large and plump dog was steamed and served in a steamed bun.  The dog has a slight snap to the skin from their steaming process.  It’s more of a jumbo sized dog and it was extra hot on first bite.
The toppings were laid with care and the ration was spot on.  I don’t often enjoy a pickle on my dog but they slice theirs thin and lay it aside the dog which assists in the ease of eating factor.  Neon green relish, raw onion without any stupid large chunks and not too much mustard.  No ketchup available.  The sport peppers weren’t too big and meaty either.  They were softer and easy to bite through.  I didn’t even realize the tough sport pepper was something lots of solid hot dog joints screw up until my visit to Flub.
Their fries are top notch.  Each one was cut just right and fried to golden brown perfection in clean oil.  Super crispy on the outside and piping hot on the inside they were absolutely made to order.  Great potato flavor, as they’re included with every sandwich this is a spot where the fries literally can’t be missed – no Merkt’s style cheddar though.  All in all, everything was fresh and I felt surprisingly light after my “snack.”


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