Uncle Harry’s Frozen Custard is a tiny shack on probably the busiest intersection in Waterford, Wisconsin that’s dishing out some of the richest  and most flavorful custard I’ve experienced.


They have obviously been in business for many many many years. Its their local shoppe where all the kids work during the summer, ya know?  They serve custard, ice cream and a frozen yogurt or two. 


I always ask what I should get in this situation. I was directed towards their award winning butter pecan custard. Uh, yeah. It was perfect.


A baby scoop in a cone was all I needed. Incredibly creamy and nutty, the custard was texturally remarkable. The unadulterated flavor of fresh sweet butter and pecans was unbeatable. It was the most suitable way to end a great day or two in cheese country.


I’m hungry. Let’s eat!


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