Art of Pizza (3033 N. Ashland Ave.) is an overlooked spot where you will find one of the best single pizza slices anywhere.  Do I have your attention? In the last few years they’ve expanded taking over the neighboring lot which was one of the best moves EVER.  Now you can almost always find a table so you may relax and enjoy your pizza.
Art serves thin, pan and stuffed pizzas by the slice.  I think I’ve only ordered a whole pizza once in fact.  At any given time they have at least three of each style of crust available by the slice with a number of different toppings.  Thin and pan pizzas are both excellent examples here.  I mean, they’re some of the better versions of those pizzas around because they use exceptional sauce, cheese and toppings.The ratio of each is a little different for each style of pizza – they have all of em nailed down pat.
Often I’ll order my slice based on which pizza is the freshest even though I’ve never received a cold or lackluster slice – EVER.  On this occasion I went with a stuffed mushroom, onion and spinach.  When it comes to stuffed pizza, spinach is always a great topping.  It works well as it incorporates itself into the pizza better than it would on thin crust.  No need for meat in this case.  image
Excellent quality veggies top a pizza that is perfectly cooked.  The bottom crust is always nice and crunchy and as you make your way up towards the top of the pie it gets less and less cooked until you reach a barely cooked, moist and gooey top crust.  The ratio of toppings and cheese is right on.
Art prides itself in owning some of the best pizza sauce in Chicago.  I agree.  Their suce is sweet, savory, tangy and has a little bit of a kick.  This is the case in many sauces, but Art’s is extremely pronounced in flavor.  There’s an overwhelming aroma of fresh tomatoes and herbs that fills the room at all times.Sweet rich thick sauce top every slice of pizza and, being the first thing you taste, it sticks in every eaters’ mind for the remainder of their day.  This is a good thing.
Parking can be a bit tricky now and then, but don’t give up.  Wait for someone to leave.  You will all be thanking me soon.  Make the drive up North and get your Art on…pizza style.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Pizza. Putting Gino’s and Giordano’s to shame for a couple decades.

  1. What is it about Arts that you feel makes it a better option than lous n ginos, the sauce ? Cheese? Is there crust flavored or just normal ?

    • The cheese is the right amount – not too much as in many stuffed pies. The sauce is robust and extremely flavorful with a strong herbaceous note. Great crispy crust on the bottom and gooey on top. All equals deliciousness.

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