I love chicken wings. Buffalo, Asian, Indian, Jerk – all wings are good wings. Crisp (2940 N. Broadway St.) does wings right. Bottom line. Don’t go there expecting to find traditional Buffalo wings as the front runner of their house specialties. Though the classic sauce is available, its the Seoul Sassy sauce that puts this place near the top of my list for best chicken wing.  I wouldn’t dare call it Teriyaki flavored because it’s so much more.  Layers of sweet, savory, tangy and spicy qualities come through with each bite.


They feature jumbo chicken wings.  Kids, they’re huge.  Basically, you’re getting 20 ordinary wings, though, because both the drumette and the wing are attached unlike most wing spots.  The wings are perfectly fried until super crispy on the outside.  Finished with their Seoul Sassy sauce which they describe as a ginger, soy and garlic based concoction.  Scallions add a fresh touch with wings piping hot as should be the norm – an irresistible aroma filled the room.


Every bite was a reminder how fantastic and unique this version of a classic proved to be.  We also ordered their second most popular sauce – Crisp BBQ. It too was delicious.  Tangy sauce.  A little sweet and a touch of heat.  Fried the same as the previous and dusted with sesame seeds we were extremely pleased with our selections.  Ordering five wings of each was the move for the two of us.  Jill ordered some fried mushrooms.  I focused solely on the main event.


The staff was friendly and the space was super clean.  Our food came out quick and was clearly fresh and hot.  Crisp will be the place I recommend kiddies hit up for a great spin on wings in Chi-town.  Next time there I will be sampling the Buffalo sauce.  I’m sure it’s bomb too.  I’m proud to say, we may have found our new favorite wing joint – for reals.


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