Ever since my first experience with Phil’s Last Stand (2258 W. Chicago Ave.) and their famous Single Fatso burger, I’ve been dying to give their Double a go. And from the moment I tasted their off-menu Shrimp Po’ Boy, I’ve longed for another delicious bite.  It was a tad more chilly than our previous trip so we couldn’t enjoy their picnic bench patio – next time for sure.  But before I begin show and tell, a sincere thank you to Phil’s for featuring Hungry Hungry Hinden on their website.  Check it out heeyuh (scroll down towards the bottom)

*****   http://www.philslaststand.com/phil-press-release/    ******

Although Phil wasn’t there, the staff was extremely friendly and took our order with a smile.  We couldn’t pass up their famous fried shrimp to start.  The difference between Phil’s fried shrimp and others that claim to do this simple dish justice?  Phil uses gorgeous plump shrimp, their breading is flavorful and complements the shrimp.  And lastly, their cocktail sauces, both spicy and mild, are killer, I mean, really really good.
You are served an ample portion and they’re always fresh and hot out of the frier.  For a few bucks, this is a must eat starter at Phil’s.  Get it in addition to your dog and burger.  It won’t fill you up and where else can you enjoy a fantastic hot dog, burger AND fried shrimp?  Exactly.
For the first time on Hungry Hungry I’m going to blog about an item TWICE.  Why?  Because this tasty morsel of bread and “meat” is just that good.  The Shrimp Po’ Boy.  Yeah, I know we just started with an order of fried shrimp…but when crafted into a delicious sandwich, it’s another story.  Again, the execution was flawless.  Awesome toasty Turano french bread that’s been pressed well.  Shoe string potato strings for an added salty crunch?  Check.
The shrimp inside is just as expertly prepared as the previous dish.  The spicy aioli along with fresh veggies bring the sandwich round full circle.  Proportion of ingredients is key to all sandwiches and this one has it down pat.  Everything stays together and you get a perfect crunch from the bread in every bite.  A winner.
On to the Fatso.  A Double Fatso that is.  Their signature burger starts with two fresh four ounce patties cooked just right – still a bit of pink on in the center.  Classic American toppings, and in my case, sub Vern’s real cheddar from Wisconsin instead of American cheese, and Hungry Hungry is a happy happy camper.
The bun is soft and airy.  The cheese glistens in the sun.  Normally I wouldn’t ever enjoy tomato on a burger.  But in this rare case, it’s awesome.  EVEN PICKLES ARE LEFT ATOP THE SANDWICH!  It’s so simple yet so well prepared.  Delicious flavorful beef and that Vern’s cheddar sure do help, but the proper layering of toppings and freshly baked bun certainly are a welcome quality.
Chicago has literally hundreds of hot dog stands.  Many, even most, are basically the same.  A solid (usually) Vienna dog on a poppy seed bun with great ingredients.  Maybe they serve a burger and a few other items (ehem, pizza puff) but they are second to the dog.
Phil’s puts the burger on a pedestal, and deservedly so.  The classic thin patty burger without all the frills.  Other items like a grilled salami sandwich and of course the fried shrimp only make the small spot on Chicago Avenue that much more inviting.

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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