After a full morning of touring the town (and getting engaged a few hours before) we found ourselves SUPER hungry for a great burger.  Lucky for us, we checked out TWO burger spots right after one another.  We made this possible by splitting a burger at one and skipping fries at the other – our way to try more and not blow the budget or the belt.

Jill and I pulled our over in a neighborhood that seemed younger, hip and had great food options for a quick lunch (or two) in San Francisco.  We had also done some Yelp research and found a number of excellent spots for ground beef between bread.  Perched on a corner and looking mighty sleek from the outside is Super Duper Burger (2034 Market St. San Francisco). They sport a fresh, clean and classic look with a focus on farmy stuff yet it feels modern and chic.

Their product is grass fed beef ground fresh daily, quality hand cut fries, and shakes.  Their burgers come simply dressed and are the griddled kind that are slightly smashed down.  I’m a fan of this kind of burger when done correctly.  The toppings are limited to the classics and they rely on the quality of their product to set them apart from the rest.  The endless battle between the simply dressed (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, ketchup, whatever) and the exotically dressed burger – everything beyond bacon I suppose.  For the simply dressed style, Super Duper killed it.  Their Super Burger comes with two patties as well – love it.

Besides being cooked perfectly, about medium, with a great char on the outside, the beef itself really had a robust and smoky quality and actually had a richer beef flavor than most other griddles patties.  One difference I’ve noticed between grass and corn fed ground beef is that the fat does in fact render better and more evenly in grass fed bovine.  That’s just my observation.

The cheese was a good sharp cheddar and all the veggies were obviously fresh and completely unblemished.  The sandwich was cut in half for us without having to request it and it stayed together.  We demolished the burger in literally seconds.  It was there and then it was gone.  We didn’t know what happened, but we were glad we visited this establishment.

The Parmesan fries we enjoyed were fried evenly, golden brown, super hot from the frier and they were presented well.  The cheese was a nice shredded style which I feel works better than grated Parm on fries.  Granted it doesn’t cling to the fry as well, if you get messy or use a fork you’ll develop a strategy – but the flavor is better and I don’t love the grated texture in this case.  Anyways, the size was appropriate and…well..they were really solid fries, okay?

And now for something completely different.  They had a little condiment station off to the side that had serve yourself pickles.  They were house made and absolutely awesome to enjoy before, during and after your burger.  They were cut in pieces smaller than your typical spear which actually made it seem a lot easier to eat more.  Sour dill with a touch of garlic.  They were great, and we didn’t feel guilty taking as many as we wanted to enjoy.

Friendly and passionate staff, an open kitchen that shows how artfully and carefully your food is prepared, and a super fresh product are all ingredients for a well run quick service restaurant.  Super Duper has my vote and I’d go back in a heartbeat if in that area again.  But there’s more burger eating to do…

I’m hungry.  Let’s eat!


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