I grew up going to Barnaby’s Family Inn in Northbrook (960 Skokie Blvd.) many a Friday night with my fam when I was a wee one. Great pizza, solid bar food, plus you save a few on tip since they sport counter service.
Jill n I swung through the Des Plaines location (636 E. Touhy Ave.) on our way back from the burbs to relive the great pizza we both enjoyed during our childhood.
The 10″ sausage pizza was only about $8 – a steal these days. Barnaby’s sets itself apart from the rest through their unique cornmeal crust.  Super thin and really crispy, the crust has a pronounced flavor.  Rich and almost brioche-like, it is consistently one of the better tasting crusts around. Unfortunately, this location doesn’t offer the Ritz ‘n Pimento cheese station – Northbrook patrons know what I’m saying. Its always nice to have a lil amuse bouche before you even sit down.
Their pizzas are topped with delicous sweet and tangy homemade sauce, real mozzarella cheese and a nice sausage that’s clearly a local Chicago brand.  There once was a location in Schaumburg on Golf road which, after much public protest, closed for unknown reasons.  Luckily, we still have a couple locations around the burbs to get our Barnaby’s fix.  Now if only they opened a location in the city Jill remarks…
I’m hungry. Lets eat!


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