After an overwhelming response to my original post on the Village Tavern out West, I decided to take some peeps’ recommendations and return for another visit to try their famous char grilled ribs.


Jill ordered the usual chicken fingers and nachos again with some ooey gooey au gratin potatoes.


The ribs I ordered came nice and charred. And despite their practically black appearance, they don’t come across as burnt at all.


Great smoky sweet and especially tangy sauce clings well to the meat. Tender meat lends a bit of a chew which is great because after all you should know you’re are eating an animal.
Half slab was filling and can’t be beat for $12. 


I liked how the sauce wasn’t caramelized on the ribs – it was applied after seeing the char grill. Twas a good call by Village; it let the unadulterated flavor of the sauce shine.


Solid ribs if you’re in the burbs but I’d still opt for the chicken fingers and nachos.



Stay hungry.


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