This will be short and sweet. Get your frequent diners cards out folks!!…Most people are either familiar with or have dined at Hub at least once.


Jill n I were in the area n swung thru for some patio fun at Hub 51 (51 W. Hubbard St.). We love Hub’s menu – eclectic, flavorful, diverse and well planned.


Jill saw the pulled chicken nachos on a neighboring table which helped make her decision while I went with their green chili cheeseburger – an item I often order when its offered – wherever.

The nachos were plentiful and artfully dressed. Not too much of any ingredient, the Oaxaca cheese was fresh and the chicken was moist and rich while the actual chips were lighter – perfect for the hot sunny day we were enjoying at the time. On the side was a smokey chipotle sauce that brought some nice spice to the table. Solid nachos that aren’t super filling.


The burger was spot on as well. Not the best in the city but darn good. Quality meat cooked properly, sesame seed bun that held up to the toppings – grated sharp cheddar, roasted poblano pepper and a chipotle aioli. Simple but satisfying. Can’t go wrong at Hub whether it be Sushi, tacos or sandwiches. It’s all good things here.

Stay hungry.


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